Updating existing kitchen countertop

30-Aug-2017 17:32

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If you already have a modern or traditional kitchen and need to change its look and function, you can simply add a new texture, color, or even furniture pieces with a different style.

To create a homey coastal look, S&W team members utilize dark cabinets covered with sage stain and Onyx glaze, tumbled stone backsplashes, porcelain floor, and granite countertops with flowing lines and unique blue accents in such a kitchen. Read More » Displaying most of your kitchen’s functional and decorative items near the sink or workspace is no longer a trendy option, especially if you intend to create a simple and clean look in the place.

Sandra Nance of Arizona Designs team tend to remove the wall between their kitchen and living space or even install a large bay window to let the natural light fill the place. Read More » When you have an organized pantry your tasks in your kitchen will be easy and you feel comfortable and satisfied with your area overall.

That’s why you should be aware of how to get an organized pantry and do it yourself to enhance your kitchen functionality and beautiful look.

The versatile and glamorous silver finishes create a unique sophistication and sparkle in your living room.

Cynthia loves to draw attention in a certain contemporary room surrounding the frames of ceilings and moldings with metallic silver paint along with neutral colored surfaces and a pop of colorful and natural elements such as the eclectic Charleston …Read More » Do you have a growing family with two or more kids and intend to remodel your existing kitchen?

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