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26-Jun-2017 07:37

We had tractor-themed school spirit days and corn fields just down the road from our high school.I had a few friends, but largely didn’t connect with my peers.

A good date often won’t lead to another if you don’t follow up and express interest.My dad and I were also tight; he served as my unofficial cheerleader/driver to practices and games, where I spent a great majority of my free time.My brother and I were both crazy-different personalities, but enjoyed (tolerated?And like most worthwhile things in life, it took a ton of effort to get that lucky — effort which my friends and I all continue to bring. But siblings get busy with their own lives, on totally separate trajectories from our own; mine took up residence in the ‘burbs with a partner and two kids of his own. They can often understand you in ways your birth family cannot; how you never fit in back home, how you’re evolving as a human, what sets your soul on fire and where you want to be.

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We all have those moments in life where we reckon with the realities of actually . I was a relatively-cool-with-it accidental loner, until I finally caved to the slap of reality: I was missing the kind of social support that makes maturing so much easier, more worthwhile. No matter where you come from, no matter what your upbringing or birth family is like, adult friendships can be about where you’re Making those friends isn’t easy.Then, the very next day, Wednesday, I woke up early.