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And so far as I've seen, it invariably appears with the "P. Whatever the stamp above is, this is the late version which replaced it.

The shield with saltire couped was unchanged, but the crown was replaced with a visored helm with weird lines spring out of it - perhaps meant to represent plumes. The Spanish Republic was formed immediately after King Alfonso XIII fled the country in 1931, so I suppose the crown really had to go. Antaris tells us only, "An early Eibar proof, it was associated with the early Eibar house proof.

Eventually, though, it disappeared in favor of the year code. The date code was a letter, sometimes two letters, topped by a small star.

The code represented the year the pistol was proofed.

But on the 900 Series Astras things weren't equal - most of the left side of the frame wasn't frame, but a sideplate.

So on the 900 Series the proof house put the stamps on the right side. The lion rampant is also on the barrel, just forward of the chamber area.

And sometimes guns shipped directly to a Spanish military or police organization weren't proofed, perhaps on the theory that the military would do its own testing of the product before acceptance, something not practical for civilian customers.

So, with the understanding that sometimes there were no proofs at all, the usual places for proof stamps on 900 Series guns were - • A pair of single proofs on the right side of the barrel and barrel extension, on either side of the joint between the two.

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Incidentally, there's yet another heraldic term when the lion's tongue is sticking out, but I'll save it. A late one, introduced on December 14, 1929 - the replacement for the lion rampant, reguardant.• New Forum • • Main Page • Quick Identification • FAQ • Disassembly • Parts Explosion • Freeing Jams • Early Production • Bolos • "1920" Reworks • M-30 Variants • Carbines • Serial Numbers • Grips • Sights • Safety Variants • Shoulder Stocks • Spanish Guns • Ammunition • Bibliography • Links • Files • Although the first Spanish proof house was established at Eibar in 1844, until 1923 proof was voluntary. This had something to do with those annoying international agreements which plagued Europe after World War 1, and just gave everyone headaches without actually doing anything useful to avoid the big problems ....