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23-Aug-2017 06:31

A new voter identification law raises concerns about a possible drop in Democratic turnout, but a Quinnipiac University/New York Times/CBS News poll gives President Obama an early edge of 11 percentage points. President Obama’s victory in Colorado was among his most prized accomplishments in 2008, after the state had voted reliably Republican in eight of the last nine presidential elections. Obama in the Rocky Mountain West, but Mitt Romney faces his own challenge in appealing to independents and women, whose support was critical in a pair of Democratic wins in races for Senate and governor in Colorado in 2010.

The most famous battleground state in America could once again earn that title.

While Republicans carried the state in 2004 and elected a new governor in 2010, New Mexico is still viewed as Democratic-friendly terrain.

Mitt Romney will campaign here, but his advisers concede that it is likely not one of their best opportunities to pick up electoral votes.

But the president’s campaign is organizing and not taking this Midwestern state for granted.

If Mitt Romney is competitive here in the closing stretch of the campaign, Mr.

The voters have an independent streak, but generally oppose what they perceive as government intrusion in their lives. Romney’s best opportunities to win a state that Mr. There are few credible paths to the White House for Mitt Romney without winning Ohio, a well-established bellwether.

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But Mitt Romney’s Northeastern roots – and the state’s Tea Party strain – make it worth watching.

The last Republican to win the White House without winning Florida was Warren Harding in 1924.

The last Democrat to win the White House without winning Florida was Bill Clinton in 1992.

But the competition with President Obama will be rooted in the economy – not nostalgia – in this Democratic-leaning state.

The government’s rescue of the auto industry, which Mr.

The economic outlook in Nevada declined considerably since President Obama won the state four years ago and has been slow to rebound.

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