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Not originally a Carry On film, that title was added almost at the end of production, and didnt even appear in the finished product.Nevertheless, with Kenneth Williams ("theres many a good fiddle played on an old dune") and company in attendance, the film is a classic of the series. I just thought I would be a character actress in New York on the stage.I never really had that stardom goal; I just wanted to be able to work as an actress and not as a waitress.Sergeant Nocker Phil Silvers Bertram (Beau) Oliphant West Jim Dale Simpson Peter Butterworth Captain Le Pice Charles Hawtrey Commandant Burger Kenneth Williams Corktip Anita Harris Zigzag Joan Sims Abdul Bernard Bresslaw Lady Jane Ponsonby Angela Douglas Corporal Clotski John Bluthal Riff Larry Taylor Raff William Hurndell Captain Humphrey Bagshaw Peter Gilmore (1967 BBC 90-minutes) Carry On Doctor Or "Nurse carries on again".In this sequel to Carry On Nurse, Francis Bigger is a notorious charlatan who tours the country lecturing on mind over matter.There is also a stowaway in the shapely form of Sally, who wants to find her long-lost love, but settles for midshipman Poop-Decker instead.

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Matron romances supercilious Doctor Tinkle, Mr Roper smokes under the bedclothes, Sandra May pops out of her nurses uniform, and Frankie Howerd makes his series debut.The SS Happy Wanderer is about to set off on a cruise when the captain discovers most of his crew are willing but not very able newcomers.

The initial package was seized and they proceeded to notify the police, who then started to discover that many packages were going to multiple addresses throughout Gothenburg.… continue reading »

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Dulu, aku memang kurang prihatin pasal expiry date produk-produk yang aku guna. Tapi bila aku buat research dan melalui pembacaan aku, baru aku tahu yang pentingnya kita tahu expiry date produk yang kita guna, sebab ada produk yang boleh membahayakan bila dah expired. Entah tahun bila aku beli, masih ada lagi aku simpan -.-" Kadang-kadang aku terfikir jugak, nak buang sayang. Dulu ingatkan produk macam tu tak adalah expired date since diperbuat daripada natural ingredients kan, rupanya ada jugakkkk. … continue reading »

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One of the best and most popular features of a dating site is free online dating chat.… continue reading »

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