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16-Oct-2017 18:00

The Sahasrara Chakra of the wearer is energized to provide super consciousness and improved focus.

When the seventh chakra is energized the soul energy becomes extremely enlightened and illuminated.

Indian tradition is all praise for Rudraksh, the seed attributed to possess infinite divine energy.

Here, we are offering Rudraksh suiting the requirements of different planets.

But this bead will obviously not give you the effects of a genuine 1 mukhi.

Test: When you conduct an X-ray of the bead, it should show only one hole (compartment) inside with only one seed.

What is available is sourced from South India and it is half-moon in shape. The One Mukhi Rudraksha is blessed by Lord Shiva and its controlling planet is the Sun General Benefits: We at Rudralife believe that the 1 mukhi from Nepal is a myth and is not available.

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Sometimes, a 2 mukhi Nepal bead is fastened with a steel grip on the tree itself so that the second line isn’t formed and this bead is sold as 1-mukhi.

Ans: Know that the energy of the Rudraksha bead comes from the seeds.

This energy is transmitted through the thorns, which get chipped off with time, but this doesn’t reduce the potential of the bead. But if the bead is defiled by worms and the seed within gets destroyed and the Rudraksha is cracked, then it becomes ineffective. Many people reject its existence and even a recognized brand like yours does not deal with Nepali 1 mukhi, then who does?

According to Hindu tradtions, the Rudraksh symbolises the tear drop of Lord Shiva.

Praying and chanting with a Rudraksh Mala is said to remove sufferings and confer happiness.If you wear Rudraksh based on the area of life, you will hit the bull's eye.

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