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“They were schooled into it by the first girl who’d gone,” Akunjee says.“It’s all about the friendship circle and that bond.It’s particularly difficult if you’re a woman, as women hardly leave the house.” In November 2015, as Sultana was discussing an escape route with her family, Samra Kesinovic, a 17-year-old Austrian who had joined Isis in 2014, attempted to leave.She was caught and was reportedly publicly beaten to death with a hammer. A video clip broadcast on ITV news after her death shows Khanom talking to Sultana in December 2015 about ways to return home. Tearfully, Sultana says: “Zero.” In a small voice, she asks for her mother.Social workers for Tower Hamlets council had raised concerns that the girls might flee to Isis-controlled territory.It is now well documented that Isis has specifically targeted western women (at least 100 of the more than 800 people who have travelled from Britain to Syria are female), using female propagandists to offer practical advice and sell a utopian vision of the sisterhood on offer in Islamic State.

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In one close-up picture, Kadiza Sultana is a smiling, bespectacled girl in a headscarf who does not look older than her 16 years.

The psychology around teenagers is that their friends are everything and their families are nothing.” The contagion continued after Abase, Sultana and Begum left for Syria.

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