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So much was this event successful, that this activity was also done in 20, and is waiting the fourth edition on 16 October 2010.In this activity the tourist will enter into a traditional Maltese village, will see tens of different shows and exhibitions showing the traditional life of Qormi, and can also find the tasty purely traditional Maltese food.Subsequent elections took place in 1998, 2001, and private clinics.Malta's staple food is bread and Maltese bread is very much sought after.Trade and crafts grew, especially Horse racing which is a hobby that Maltese often attribute to people from Qormi.During the World Wars, Qormi played a small part as well.The importance of Qormi's history was highlighted back in 2007 when for the first time in its local history, Qormi hosted the national event of 'Lejl f'Casal Fornaro', meaning 'A night in Casal Fornaro' as Qormi was known hundreds of years ago.

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Qormi, although close, is not exactly in the Grand Harbour region, making it ideal for refuge in those times.

However, during the British rule, Qormi moved on with new institutions opening up, mainly schools.

Following 1850 Qormi became one of the largest inhabited centres in Malta, with amenities such as water and electricity, which were somewhat rare in those times.

Qormi is recognized nationally as the capital of Maltese bread-making.

It boasts the largest number of bakeries in the country, several of which still operate in the traditional manner using wood-fired ovens.Punic tombs have been found at St Edward's Street and Tal-Bajjada.