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This is as near an equality as we can get, and at the same time makes the payments easy to the settler.

We hope this bill will be hurried up and become a law, and we appeal to Mr.

Brooks, of Silver Creek Township, was in town last Tuesday.

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In the meantime we would say to the neighbors of these settlers on unentered claims: Do not encourage the jumping of these claims. Walter, a successful hotel man from Wichita, was in town yesterday looking up a hotel location in a live place. Charley Harter enters gracefully upon his court duties as sheriff. Jarvis, farmer, journalist, gentleman, and good fellow generally, is getting well read up in law. Max Shoeb has the premium sidewalk in front of his residence.

Larkin, Esq., of Polo, came to the queen city last Tuesday.

[From May 16, 1878, through December 26, 1878.] NEW MATERIAL STARTS HERE! All have had their taxes to pay on their lands which cannot be returned, and which those who have not entered ought to have helped to pay. Black and Mansfield, opened the forearm in two places taking out the arteries and tying them. At this time the patient seems as well as could be expected.

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1206 The priors lose their lands at Houghton and Dunstable gives 100 marks to the king plus a gift to the sheriff. 1208 The Priory of St Peter starts a hospital of St Mary Magdalene for lepers on the east side of South Street on the town boundary, which was the town side of the present Half Moon Lane.… continue reading »

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There's also a gymnasium, Higher Preparatory Examination, Higher Commercial Examination Programme and Higher Technical Examination Programme.… continue reading »

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