Dating a widower with teenage children

15-Sep-2017 13:49

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After we had been married about 5-6 weeks, LW's mom called my husband at work and asked what the children were calling me.

He told her that they were calling me by my first name (which my 3-year-old was now doing, also.) She said, "That will not do.

About every third date included all of the kids, and when he asked me to marry him, it was contingent upon our children's approval--which they all gave, after we answered their questions.

We each talked about it with our own children, without the other one of us there.

(‘You have to do this because I say so’ goes over badly.

‘House rules: no music other people can hear two rooms away‘ sounds better.

I have brought up their mom once in a while and asked how they were doing with it.

Usually the answers are very matter of fact and not emotional (it's been a year since she passed) I would not over due the topic, just kind of 'check in' with how they are doing.

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I received a bunch of good thoughts ideas that I hope can help those who find themselves in similar situations.(If there are other widowers out there who still want to contribute, please email me.) For those who comment on these posts, keep in mind that each family and child is different.